The city of Hythe, located at the fork of the Zaars Run river and the Neldark river, south of the Gyyrt Mountains, was built upon the craftsmanship, resourcefulness and intense labour of its past, this city is now among the prosperous cities in all the southlands.
Their agriculture, industry, and trade are among its current greatest strengths. Fortunately they do not lack in natural resources.

Hythe is a mercantile city with many guilds and is ruled by a council made up of elected citizens.

The people of Hythe are content. They live rewarding lives and their economy is strong, their trade helps relief most of their issues.

Religion holds much importance in their lives and, if anything, has made them more law-abiding. The people of Hythe are quite spiritual as well and they have intriguing rites of passage and firm beliefs.

The flag is a rectangle with a solid yellow background. The emblem is bracers and keys in rust.


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