An elven entertainer.


Chaotic Good High Elf
Entertainer Background


Soveliss (Sov to his close friends) is the first born to the line of Meliamne (Oakenheel in the common tongue)
His father, Heian, is a diplomat of some standing in the elven court. His mother, Ielenia, comes from a noble family with deep ties in the elven court. Soveliss is considered an oddity in his deeply traditional and military family as his heart drew him to oratory at a young age. His grandfather, Theren Oakenheel, would visit often and molded Soveliss filling his ears with tales of olden times and the wonders he has seen as a Warden of the northern forest. Many elves respect his grandfathers skill with the bow and an almost unparallel outdoorsman abilties. Soveliss, upon reaching maturity and choosing his adult name, has a deep wish to impress his beloved wood elven patriarch with his skills in magic and swordplay.

Soveliss, due to his families position, received the finest tutors and the best education the court can provide. He has the typical classical education in natural science, math, languages, proper classical literature as well the history of many races and lands. His father insisted that he study archery and weaponry as soon as he could hold a dagger in his hand. Soveliss enjoyed the hours of sword play and soaked up the knowledge and lore of the bladesingers of ancient days and deeply desires to etch his name into their halls and history.

He studied the classic Elven literature, Dwarven deep thinkers, Human operas, and Halfling off-the-cuff humor. He fell in love with poetry, oratory performance, and eventually combined these into a performance with magic and swordplay.

He excels at oration and storytelling loving the thrill of drawing his audience into his tales and leaving them smiling and breathless at the conclusion of his tale. He also has a deep rooted love of tradition and the need to renew interest in the old ways as well.

Despite his fathers’ lukewarm approval he was allowed to pursue his dream of studying theater and acting so that his eldest son can mature and become a better citizen of the kingdom and perhaps even an elf of some renown. His growing skill caught the eye of a wealthy human noble visiting from Solaris, who wished to form a troupe to travel through the lands and bring the art of the theater to other cultures and races.

Soveliss enjoyed his times and travels with TheGilded Lily performing troupe hearing the laughter of the crowds at the Halfling jokesters, the tears at the elven tragedies, and the curious speculations at the dwarven deep thinker. He thrives at the applause of the crowd for his tales of old, feats of swordsmanship, or the smiles of the happy children during his kids stories which reminds him of his younger brother, Himmo, and his sister, Enna, playing dress-up, telling them their grandfathers stories when he is absent, or doing shadow plays before they would trance and rest.

He soon met a very intriguing young human named Fenn Theskar. The pair hit it off almost instantly over a conversation about the roots of sword play and magic in ancient elven times. The pair became fast friends as Soveliss enjoys Fenn’s sharp mind and amazing knack for cartography along with his memory for places the human has visited before.

Soveliss wears a large hat of the style worn by swashbucklers from Tamor, with a peacock feather tucked in the band. It’s his signature piece and his performances feature it heavily.

He has slightly bronze skin (a part of his Wood elf heritage) and dyed hair of copper with black high lights. His eyes are emerald green with gold flecks. He is thin with a runners physique. He is tall around 6’1” and weighs roughly 180 pounds. He wears his hair tied with a red silk cord.


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