Fenn Theskar

An explorer with an adventurous nature.


Chaotic Good
Explorer Background
Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Survival
Tool Proficiencies: Cartographer’s tools
Language Proficiencies: Dwarven
Equipment: A set of traveler’s clothes, cartographers tools, an old map in a bone case, a map case with 5 pieces of parchment, and a belt pouch with 15gp,


Fenn is a Member In Good Standing of the The Cartographers Guild of Hythe. He is a daring (some would say too daring) explorer and adventurer, with a knack for remembering the layouts of places that he’s been to. His best friend is Soveliss, an elven entertainer.
Born in the coastal city of Tamor, by the Akias Sea, in the year 814, Fenn Theskar was apprenticed to his father, a cartographer, at age 10. Fifteen years later, he is a Journeyman and Member In Good Standing of the Hythe Cartographers Guild. Fenn has an uncanny knack for remembering the layout of any place he’s ever visited and can tell you which way is north, even underground and in the dark.

His father, Jeren, was also a swordsman and scholar of some renown. He is teaching Fenn everything he knows about swordplay as well as languages, navigation, diplomacy, and even a good bit about how to handle yourself when the cards are stacked against you. Jeren has since retired to Hythe and takes part as a liaison for the Guild Collective.

When Fenn was thirteen he met Soveliss, an elven entertainer, who was in Tamor to participate in a traveling fair. He was showing sword tricks and stunts to an apt crowd when young Fenn asked to show Soveliss his skills. Impressed with the boys skill at such a young age they became fast friends and as Fenn grew, adventuring companions.

At age 18, Fenn attained his Journeyman status with the Cartographers Guild and plans to set out and make a name for himself as an explorer of lost and forgotten places. His skill at map making will serve him well in his endeavors. He became the youngest Member In Good Standing in 40 years.

Fenn Theskar

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